Can you trust a government that lies?

The Government that says don’t borrow, does exactly that!

I want to start this article by highlighting that my view on politics, nor the parties I like have led me to speak in the way I do in this article. I am merely assessing characteristics of a party and not the party itself. You should know I am analysing a methodology of the conservative party. If I criticise the party, it doesn’t suggest that I do not support the party or otherwise. I am merely expressing my opinion.

George Osborne is the man with the money in England. He is the man, who has been in place, to manage England’s money. How do you think he’s doing?I’ve watched quite a few debates concerning George Osborne and Ed Balls. The former usually refers to how the Labour party borrowed and borrowed there way into a big debt. He constantly shuns this approach, however he does the same thing. The conservatives have increased tax and still borrowed money. It actually make me laugh. Knowing that conservatives can stand in the house of commons and shun Labour for there tactics. The same people that are shunning, are the people doing the same method.

You may not like to lend money from people and speak down on it, but if you do that yourself you are a lender right? that is fact! If you agree with the opinion that conservatives do not want to take money from others that’s fine, the fact is clear though.

What is your view, is it right to say one thing and do the other? Is it right to speak out a message, but speak inwardly a different one?



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