The wise King’s lesson

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Reading chapters in Ecclesiastes this morning, it made me think about our mind-set when tackling situations. It also caused me to think about interaction with others. Solomon starts off early in Ecclesiastes by differentiating between the wise and the fool. It was even deeper to understand that he described them in way which shows, even though wisdom is as far away from folly as light from dark, they always meet each other on the way. It was fascinating to know that they could never escape each other. No matter how far we try to move away from something, certain things will never be far enough. As I was reading about it, I started to think to myself “I’m not always wise, there are times I may do foolish things.” I then started to realise that what Solomon was saying was so. Even if we use the great wise king himself, his lifestyle clearly shows us this. A man who spent most of his time in analysis of life, came to find himself excelling in wisdom as well as folly. For may years I wondered…Why? Someone so wise can act so foolish at times, he was explaining how this happens in his own words. I’ve always sensed an element of frustration from Ecclesiastes, and the way in which Solomon speaks about vanity you can understand why. 


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