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Time has now passed since the death of Col Muammar Gaddafi and it is somewhat a good thing in regards to this article. I originally saw this article being posted immediately after the death of the colonel but due to a backlog on my blog it is only gracing your eyes now.  I would like to make it clear from the get go, I have no support towards the colonel’s previous regime or anything he is said to have done. I am just a mere observer who keeps up to date with current events and makes an opinion. Although I have no support for this regime, it doesn’t specifically mean that I will back anything done to him.

One question I would like to bring forward is why now? Apart from the fact that God had called this leader’s time to an end, what was the reason the people gave. This man ruled for decades and only now it was deemed to be the time to overthrow him. I don’t know large amounts about the Lockerbie bombing, however was that not substantial enough? Was it the common three letter word that pokes its face in most eastern countries affairs…OIL? I want to highlight some of the leaders from other countries who made same statements after the news had spread and the way in which reports seemed to be changing as time went on.

firstly,  I watched as David Cameron gave a speech in which he spoke about the so called tyrant as he described and indicated the devastation he caused with all his weaponry. I thought about the fact that the British were providing weapons and training to the people who were carrying out these atrocious acts. What hypocrisy – to  say that he used these weapons for evil is damning on the people who provided it. David Cameron then went with President Sarkozy and greeted Libyans as a king. This same King was part of the nation that supplied there oppressors.

Moving on now to the emergence of his death, we first heard that  he was killed in crossfire, which I didn’t really believe for one minute (especially when he had a bullet shot to the head). I don’t need to go to war to know that the likelihood of this happening is slim. It was no surprise to know later on that the NTC were now going to be investigating claims of a in house murder.
Whether he was killed only some know and we may never get to the truth but I will say this, to kill a man without trial is wrong. For all the hate towards him and hate from his victims a trial would have been more suitable for Gaddafi. to kill someone like that gives him an easy escape and should not have been done.

It seems that these days, people are being killed and not taken to trial: especially when these leaders are said to have done so much damage to the world. It is in my opinion that they are being written off swiftly so that they have no space to clear there name or expose others implicated.


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