The Illustrious Banksy

This months edition of Fact Vs Opinion focuses mainly on the Illustrious Banksy. As the picture below identifies, I want to discuss the emergence and impact of Graffiti.

Welcome to the world of street art, where people like Banksy rule the world. There are many artists I may have looked at but I guess it seems fitting, to speak about someone who has gone to lengths of extremity to conceal his identity. Banksy seems to be an elusive character, who has changed the perception of graffiti. some may say that graffiti doesn’t exist anymore, it is rightly termed art now. what do you think? as we can see from this piece of work, Banksy doesn’t believe graffiti is wrong. what I will say is this, just because something is on demand, it does not mean that it is legal.

Just over a month ago i watched a documentary on the story of Banksy. I do not dispute the fact that Banksy is creative and innovative, as I like a good few of his pieces. However I do not for one moment believe it is legal to do what he does on walls, streets and street floors. Two Things I highlight are the fact that many times he is seen to be running while nearly being caught  by authorities, secondly he was a person that most have no idea about who he is. Are these signs of someone who is taking part in legal proceedings?

I did read on the Internet recently about a potential person who was Banksy, how they came from Brighton as Banksy does apparently. They had found a boy who in school was creative and other features which were similar to things Banksy had alluded to while in hiding. The article ended by stating that this could also be a intentional diversion to throw people off the right trial. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just that. If you want to read the article for yourself and make a conclusion, go ahead and see. Type who is Banksy in Google and it will be there.

It was something miraculous last month, when I watched this documentary and a few days later read a story in the paper about fashion week in New York. A female designer had thought about putting graffiti in her hair. Now there is nothing illegal about doing this in England and Wales as we cannot commit criminal damage to ourselves but damaging property goes against the laws of this land.

What do you think however, is graffiti so innovative that it has transcended the law? Have people like Banksy been so impacting in society he has changed law without being a minister of her majesty’s government? Are the images above true or are these artists severely mistaken?

Think about it and get back to me.


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