Sometimes dying is the best option


I’ve never been one to promote suicide, euthanasia or anything alike. This article has nothing to do with the above. This article has nothing to do with those things, and all to do with letting things go. Relinquishing the strongholds that are holding you back. Where I want to be is somewhere I can live for ever. I do not want to stay in a weak, devolving body. To release myself from this limited body I have to die daily. I have to let the flesh die and swim deep in the water. I have to submit my body to the ground and allow the Spirit to move out of the water and into life. I don’t want to become complacent, I don’t want to remain stagnant. You can see yourself and not realise later because that’s how the message has to be received. David had the experience with the prophet Nathan. David changed.  I’m not David, neither do I want to be David but I do not want to see myself complacent and just join in or watch. I want to see myself and submit my flesh to the ground.

Sometimes dying is the best option   



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