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I came across something this week which was very shocking. Racism today is in most cases outwardly rebuked. However I still believe in many places racism is still part of a de facto  society. That being said, I am still surprised sometimes when I hear of certain situations. Examples like this just make you remember that what people really get up to may be different to the image they portray to you. I will leave links at the bottom of the document so you can read and listen for yourself. 

The reason I actually stumbled across this story was because when the news was on, I heard them say something about an area near to my home. I then started paying more attention and began to realise the seriousness behind the story. A group of police officers had chosen to apprehend a young brown-skinned male.
Unaware that the boy was recording this encounter they began to converse about how it was a good arrest etc. the boy replied asking questions about why he was being treated like this. One thing we know is that, the boys language may be altered due to the recording, the officers clearly were being themselves as they knew of no recording. The boy started explaining how this happens to him so much and we hear someone say something along the lines of…The problem is, you will always be black. There is more and I would advise you go to these links and listen for yourself. Some of my first reactions were feeling like this stuff really goes on so openly. I thought people would be a bit more discreet about there racist thoughts. This isn’t 60’s America where you can call someone a “nigger” and think it’s common speech, nor 40’s America when you can lynch and escape any real punishment. The times of Emmett Till-like circumstances are gone.

Whenever it seems that we may be getting over something as big as racism, something brings us back to Earth and shows us we’re not quite there.

What is even more interesting than the situation is what happened after. It was said that no action was to be taken, until it was said that a complaint and case would be brought. It was then when the necessary people were suspended pending trial and we await to see what happens.

What do you think about this issue, is racism gone or far from it?




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