Next in line

I was reading through a list of family members in a book recently and it started making me think…”What will be after you?”

I was not referring to what sex your descendants would be, neither how many, what I was referring to was, will the next ones be better. Will your next members in the chain desire to move forward or move back? One thing I have seen many times is the next usually follow after the ones who came before. Do you know this puts more onerous on you to perform?

Many times we fail to look into what is coming, even more importantly is not acting in the present to ensure the future is clear. You then pass these traits onto those who come after you and they do likewise. I was reading a book recently which was discussing generational inheritance. One set of people were feeding their children a slave-like mentality, while another was feeding a kingly mentality. Imagine this now…If someone aims to be a king, they aim for the top, if someone aims for slavery, they are aiming for the bottom. If both people miss their targets by 50% where will they be? Now imagine if both hit their targets. The pair will never meet the same target because they are driving to different locations.

I know where I am going to and I do not waste time taking routes which slow me down or congest my journey. Where I am going there are few who want to come, so if my journey is crowded, I am more likely than not detouring or heading in the complete wrong direction.


Read the signs.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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