In the midst of the fire

A king placed three men in the Fire. Three men who were said to me righteous, The Bible states that these men were thrown in the fire and were not so much as smelling of smoke when they were released. This was because God had protected them and kept them through the hard times. The point I make now was they remained faithful. Job is an interesting character because he seems to understand some of the things he faced but coupled with his acquaintance’s points of view and some facts he seems to be confused. The problem was there was so much going on he couldn’t remain  focused. 
The children of Israel forgot about the oppression they faced and started focusing on leaving Egypt. Pharaoh realised this and made them bear stiffer burdens. When this happened they forgot about the main thing and worried more about he work they would have to do. Remaining faithful and un-distracted is key to keeping God the closest thing in your life.


He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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