How To Start A Business

In today’s daily tip we are going to look at starting a business. I will discuss six simple things which can have you setup in no time whatsoever. Some people may have done or know these three things already and it just comes down to action. Many of you want to start businesses but think it is much harder than it really is. I am here to tell you (having multiple businesses) starting a business is really easy. For those of you who rely on one stream of income, a side business may be the way forward for you. It will obviously give you more cash and allow you to lighten the load and dependence on your one stream.

Time is not a valid excuse, the majority of the long-hour-working-force spend a maximum of 40 hours a week working their job, there are still 128 hours in the week to do work. You spend less than a 1/3 of your weekly time working on someone else’s dream, spend at least 40 hours (At Least) working on your own dream.
Money is not an excuse because you don’t need that much money to start many businesses. I have started a business which cost me less than £100 so don’t use money as an excuse. Which also confounds this is the fact that most people go out a few times a week and spend £100-£200 easily over the weekend on leisure, that can be as much as £800 a month or as low as £400 a month. This is more than enough to start a business and be running sufficiently, it really comes down to your creativity. You may feel the figures are huge and you could never do that, start adding up and you may shock yourself.

So let us start with the three things I spoke about earlier. How to start a business?

1. You need a product or service

Either you will be selling a product to someone or selling a service, if you can’t think of anything, sell yourself which is free to do. I’m not talking about anything X-rated. You can teach people something you know, you could write, read, speak etc. At a bare minimum you can sell yourself and you come free of charge. You can however charge as much as you please for your services. There are loads of products out their, if you do not want to be original, there is no harm in buying a product and selling it on.

2. You need customers

Customers are what keep the business running, you could call it demand, which comes mainly in the form of customers. We all have friends, family and people who trust us. If you are doing something worthwhile and not just for gain, they will gladly invest in your business, tell others and the chain of marketing is underway. The problem you are solving with your service or product should attract people in itself. Customers are all over the world, there are seven billion of them out there.

3. How are you getting paid?

Are your customers paying you in cash or do you need card payments? If someone is taking cash, you need a physical person to take it in many cases, with a payment gateway online, you don’t need anyone to take money, it is automatic. This also means your shop is open 24/7 and open to the whole world.

If you can sort these three things out, you are ready and are a business. It is simple, your business solution is simple. It was Socrates who said “The correct solution to any problem is usually the simple solution.” Things are usually simpler than we make them but we never find out until we start taking action. You wanted to know how to start a business, I have shown you the three steps/three things needed, now go and start.

Tomorrow I will give you three more insights into business. Lookout for it early… 


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