Consistency is Key

Today being January 7th, I was looking through my journal, which received limited attention the previous year, I decided to make sure this year I spend more time writing down my thoughts and beliefs. Although I had only made several small entries it still impacted me, looking over the goals I had set for the space of the journal duration (which is usually a year). I smiled how some had been completed in entirety and how some had still yet to be fully completed. One of these was to have a blog maintaining itself. When I wrote that goal, my blog had nothing really accept a url and limited functionality. Now I can see how far I have come in a space of a year and am glad. As I searched for some pictures I came across an image which said “what if?” I immediately thought to myself ‘what if someone was consistent?’ If  someone took a conscious decision to carry out an action. I started my blog with an intention to have at least one view a day, as I developed my blog my viewers, subscribers, and followers became consistently larger. By God giving me the strength to continually feed by blog with information, I was able to attract people who were interested in the topics discussed. I just want to encourage you, by telling you that if you make a decision on a work God has ordained you to do, he is able to deliver the necessary equipment needed. Put the key in the door.

Every key has a door for which it opens, consistency has a key and consistency opens a door. I have another writing engagement I have been doing called the list of ten which has been going for nearly two years. This entails me sending out an E-letter once a week with principles of how to develop one’s character and in doing so, develop one’s life. I have no other but God to thank for keeping me faithful and devoted to his work.

As I have said before, I say again, there is a key for every door and we must tap into these doors by our action. There are things I have not been consistent with however, which when I become consistent with, I will be a better person than I am now. If I could maintain a level of consistency with the Daily ministration it would make my work on this blog even better.

The man or woman who chooses to keep walking the strait road without stopping for a break or turning left or right is in a far better position than much. Don’t you think now is the time to act if not already? How much planning has been done for it not to be sufficient?

When will the blueprint become the printed, I know writers who have books to write but have stalled for one reason or another, people who should be teaching but have stalled. Don’t allow the Devil to hinder God’s plan for your life. Confess greatness as that is what God has for us, we were not created to be failures neither should we be.

God bless



He’s learning to serve the Christian community better and better each day through his teaching on the Bible (both theory and practical application for everyday life). Israel Ikhinmwin loves to share the truth of God’s Word and be an example for other Christians looking to develop your faith.

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