Are the Liberals really dead and buried?

The main thing I think about when thinking about Liberal Democrats is Nick Clegg. As I thought about the question at hand, I thought to myself, the Liberals are more than Nick Clegg aren’t they? I realised for a long time, I have seen the Lib Dems as Nick Clegg alone. Despite the common propaganda by the media, of a backstabbing leader, just as Nick Clegg found himself as most wanted politician, is the same way he can again reach heights and beyond from before. Even deeper than this point, is the fact that Nick Clegg will not be around for ever. One day he will call a day on frontline politics and may wander across the hall into the House of Lords. Whatever may become of the deputy prime minister, the party has the ability to continue.

So when I ask myself the question, are the Liberals dead and buried, I now find myself answering the question with a no! Maybe for a season they have halted in there ambitions for power, however stranger things have happened in life. The media are the best at jumping ship when there peers seem to be abandoning the journey. Likewise, when and if they return to sea level, the media will be there to lift them up and take them higher.


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