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I was listening to something about time management and day management recently. It was a product from Brian Tracy who is one of the most successful business faces of a generation. He was talking about tackling tasks and how it is important to continue working in order of importance. He suggested the ABC rule, which consists of A tasks, B tasks and C tasks. The simple method was start A tasks, and do not move to the B task until all A tasks are complete. It is very simple for anyone to understand of any age really and is very effective also. I was thinking about it recently as I encouraged someone to plan their day according to the ABC rule. What I found the person did was complete all the A tasks and move on. Not move on to the next letter but move on.

What I then thought about was just having the A-list and doing all those things and nothing else, how effective would that be? If it does not qualify for the A-list is must not be that important to you, therefore forget about wasting time on such tasks. If it is important it should be on the A-list. It is imperative you understand this because imagine if you treat this principle as something you learn for all areas of your life. Imagine having an A-list finances. Every month you pick the A finances and nothing else. What I know is that you will begin to cut out trivial things from your monthly expenses. Things which were casual to you in spending but were racking up together and losing you money.


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