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The state of the media

The state of the media

Are these the pictures we really want to see?   When we see the media reporters looking like the police or armed forces, we know the world is going mad.

It will come to an end 0

It will come to an end

Do you know what this number means? 315 What do all these companies have in common? News of the world         Woolworths       Madoff Investment Securities     The...



Look at the picture below…. This picture depicts Potential. Each person’s potential has something potent inside… The question is, are you fulfilling your POTENTial? For ways to fulfill your potential post comments and let...

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I’m currently looking for ways to enhance my readers awareness of my ability, I am also looking for new opportunities frequently to showcase what God has laid on my heart. If you know of...

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Do you think anyone should be able to take out an injunction, (without worry of paying thousands) since its claimed breaching them goes against the human rights? leave your comments and I will get...