I have been thinking for a short while now, about some of the recent statements from parliament, which were aimed at the looters. Statements of hunting expeditions, sickening characteristics and stereotyping certain groups. I have some questions which I think many should answer.

1. Do you think the punishments handed out should be as severe as they have been?

Some may argue that the jail sentences have been extreme  but another may point to

unprecedented riots occurring. 




2. Is it right for the government to complain about looting when they looted first?

Many members of the House of commons  and Lords have been exposed fiddling with expenses and claiming money illegally. When small punishments are placed on M P’s, would this not show hypocrisy? When the country sees those who apparently lead the country stealing can one be surprised to see the children of the society doing the same?

Let’s not be confused however, children were not the only set of people looting. Many adults have been caught stealing. From social workers to potential teachers. These are the people who are supposed to be role models to the youth, those who have control of the youth today.

3. Who do we blame?

Do the youth hold the full burden because they are the ones who acted out these crimes? Do the parents shoulder the blame  for not keeping children in doors and in check?



Do we blame the schools who teach our children? The government who “run” the country and show hypocritical behaviour which limits credibility? Do we blame God as many like to for allowing this to happen?

Many different groups have pushed the blame to another and it reminds me much of the Garden of Eden .




Adam and Eve both pushed it on to someone else. What we should do however is accept that our society in general has problems. When one identifies problems are visible, it then allows change to be made. We should not in my opinion say these are to blame or those are to blame. Most groups have played a part and the change needed is much bigger than I’ve heard on the news.



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